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Editor in chief & Photographer | Website | + posts

Giulia is a freelance photographer and photojournalist. Born in Ferrara (Italy) in the late 80s, she moved to London in October 2019. Pepe Magazine creator. Lefty, arachnophobic, rabbit lover and now, editor in chief.

Editor & Photographer | Website | + posts

Documentarist photographer and urban explorer. Her photography focuses on critical aspects in today’s relationship between people and architecture through either an academic or a fictional approach.

Illustrator | Website | + posts

Ludovica is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in London working for various publications and independent clients.

Author & Translator | Website | + posts

My name is Bea and I’m a British-Italian translator living in London.

Author | + posts

Cecilia was born in Brescia and she studied in Bologna and Turin. She wrote “Il pieno di felicità” (minimum fax, 2019). She lives in Lincoln, England.

Author | + posts

Born in Verona Emanuel is a never ending challenger seeking for discomfort, he left home 10 years ago to travel the world; now in London he wonders around trying new flavours of life, food and drinks, sipping coffee, and screaming at dirty punky gigs, with the backpack always ready on his bedside.

Author | + posts

I’m Serena and I come from a town a few kilometres far from Rome. I studied International Journalism at the University of Leeds and thereby the UK has become my home far from home. I love reading biographical books, listening to podcasts while commuting and, of course, I have a passion for good food.

Filmmaker and media author | Website | + posts

Hulda Federica is a filmmaker, a video journalist and a screenwriter. She also teaches creative skills to young people. Born and raised in Milan, she has been living in London for 6 years. She loves making and watching documentaries, biking and African dance.

Illustrator | Website | + posts

NamoSte mindfully draws humorous sketches to draw people on their mindfulness journey. Also known as when animating mandalas, and as Stefano Bellucci Sessa when helping people and organisations their creative, design and innovation journey.

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