Dream lake / Il lago dei sogni

Unknown infinite land
 A desert ocean of clouds
 Falling into the fire line
 And I came across the tide
 Where the light rises
 Only to realise
 That it was just the beginning
 Wind is backlit
 And I am making dreams
 With my hands on empty space
 And I am reflecting light
 And a rain of stars inside
 And I am the river
 Infinite terre sconosciute
 Oceano di nuvole deserto
 Cade nella linea di fuoco
 E ho attraversato le maree
 Dove la luce sorge
 Che questo è solo l’inizio
 Il vento è controluce
 Ed io creo sogni
 Con le mani sugli spazi vuoti
 Rifletto la luce
 E una pioggia di stelle mi cade dentro
 E io divento il fiume
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Øzra Enn (they/she) is a visual artist / bilingual poet from Palermo (Sicily) based in Glasgow. Their visuals and poems express a research of new, unusual points of view, with the aim of seeing the world through a childlike gaze, as well as an inner exploration of emotions, self love and identities.

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