Grovigli emozionali / Emotional Tangle

Ce ne stiamo lì seduti sui grovigli emozionali,
Aspettando che prendano forma.
Nature morte, felici di morire,
Risvegli di memorie disfatte.
I fiori nascono da fili spinati.
 We’re sitting on emotional tangles,
 Waiting for them to take shape.
 Still life, happy to be still,
 Memories undone awaken.
Flowers grow from razor wires.
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Øzra Enn (they/she) is a visual artist / bilingual poet from Palermo (Sicily) based in Glasgow. Their visuals and poems express a research of new, unusual points of view, with the aim of seeing the world through a childlike gaze, as well as an inner exploration of emotions, self love and identities.

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